Updating Sametime 12 to FP1. Not all customizations are kept

Upon suggestion from my friend Erik Schwalb of HCL, I upgraded to FP1 a Sametime12 server where I made some branding customization.

Contrary to what I wrote in my previous post not ALL customizations are kept.

If you made some branding, you will lose it. The directory /sametime-config will be deleted and replaced by a new one, so all the custom branding files in /sametime-config/web/branding will be gone.

Also, not all the settings in custom.env will be kept. If you applied branding adding, e.g.
those settings will not be kept.

To check which settings are kept, look in install.sh, you will see that the upgrade maintains the default ones, e.g SAMETIME_PROXY_HOST=st.company.com.

If you enabled Let’s Encrypt support in .env you will lose it as well, since the Let’s Encrypt TLS cert in /sametime-config/web/acme-certs/ will be gone.

Again, check install.sh to see which settings are maintained in .env

So, the suggestion I have is to copy the sametime installation directory (you read my previous post, right?) and then after the upgrade copy back the /sametime-config directory and check the files custom.env .env and docker-compose.yml

Thanks a lot to Eric Schwalb for pointing me in this direction, since I didn’t applied customizations at my customer site, I did not notice that some settings are not kept.

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