Sametime 12.0.2 – an issue with upgrading

I upgraded my server, yes the production one, (what else do you expect from me?) from ST 12.0.1FP1 to 12.0.2 and I ran into an issue.

In 12.0.1 the LTPA token could be placed anywhere you like then you had to change the file .env and set the path in LTPA_KEYS_FILE_PATH=
Now in 12.0.2 the default path is /sametime/ltpa-config, which means that you have to copy the ltpa.keys file in that path.

The problem I found is that when you upgrade or install a new ST12.0.2 in that path there is a directory named ltpa.keys that gets created and this breaks everything, since ST expects to find a file named ltpa.keys and not a directory.

The obvious solution is to delete the subdirectory ltpa.keys from /sametime/ltpa-config and then copy the file ltpa.keys in there.

I reported this to HCL and they confirmed is a bug that will be fixed soon.

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  1. Alexandre Vroublevski
    26th February 2024 - 19:59

    Hi! Yes, obviously, the new docker-compose.yml is missing ltpa-keys config variable (from .env):
    – in 12.0.1 was
    – ${LTPA_KEYS_FILE_PATH}:/ltpa-config/ltpa.keys:Z
    – in 12.0.2 is
    – ./ltpa-config/ltpa.keys:/ltpa-config/ltpa.keys:Z

    • What you say is correct, but is not the cause of the problem I found. The issue is that there is a directory named ltpa.keys that shouldn’t be there.

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