IBM Verse on Premises, enabling encrypted and signed mail. You may need to do something if you have your ID in the mailfile

For Verse on Premises in order to write and read  signed and/or encrypted mail is enough to set up an ID Vault on the Domino server and add the user’s ID to that.

I found that if you previously used iNotes for mail and have added your ID to the mailfile, then you will get an error while reading or creating a signed/encrypted mail; the error will say that your ID is not in the vault, even if actually the ID is there.

In order to fix that, you need to access your mail with iNotes, go in Preferences – > Security and click on the button Sync with Vault

Once done that, everything works

Speaking at SNoUG and Engage

My next speaking engagements are in Switzerland and Belgium.
On March 22 I will speak at SNoUG, the Swiss IBM User Group, in Zurich. I will have a session on “IBM Verse on Premise”.

On May 8-9 I will speak at Engage, the most famous and attended User Group in Europe, it is practically a Connect Europe if you look at the quantity and quality of the speakers. I will have a session with the amazing Sharon Bellamy James on “Troubleshooting IBM Connections”

Hope to see you there!

Domino Feature pack 8 breaks Verse on Premises

I installed Domino Feature Pack 8 and the new templates and Verse on Premises stopped working.  The installation of the FP replaces a lot of files in Domino and it had reset the \data\osgi\shared\eclipse\plugins directory removing the files I had copied there for the VoP installation. I copied again the files there. Also there is a new template mail9.ntf and this does not have the views needed for VoP, so I had to copy again the 5 views from the VoPdesign.nsf database in the mail9.ntf template, then run the design task to update all the mail files.

IBM Verse on Premises Interim Fix 1 shipped

Yesterday IBM released the Interim Fix 1 for IBM VoP

The list of fixes is the following

Fix introduced in release SPR Description Additional Information
Verse On-Premises Interim Fix 1 261564 Issues when searching for messages from someone whose address format is their name in quotation marks followed by their email address enclosed in brackets.
261382 Inbox doesn’t work with specific messages
261684 Verse impact – Meetings created in iNotes using OS time zone are off by two hours

You can download the IF1 from Fix Central at this address

To install it you need to remove the files added in the c:\Domino\osgi\shared\eclipse\plugin directory by VoP i.e.

then unpack the new in the same directory