Community written guides on OpenNTF wiki

In the collaboration community, a.k.a yellowverse, the need for step-by-step product guides, installation, tuning, etc… has always been present, not because the official documentation is bad, but because if you follow it, you have to jump from a place to another in order to finish the installation of a product. See for example the installation of Connections where the Knowledge Base tells you “install DB2” and points you to the DB2 KB, then “install WAS” and points you to the WAS KB, and so on.

In the past those kind of guides have been produced, but only because an individual, an IBMer or a community member, felt the need for that and wrote the guide; there are several examples for Connections, Sametime, Docs, … The problem is that those guides were spread in several different places and either you knew where to find it or it was very difficult to do so.

In recent times there has been discussions about this topic between community members and HCL, and we told them that this kind of guides is really needed and asked for help in producing those documents

OpenNTF has decided to take the lead on this topic and provide a place where to store all the community-produced guides.
The process is this: one or more people write the guide, submit it to HCL for review and once gotten the HCL approval the guide will be published in the OpenNTF Wiki.

The first guide is available: Installing Domino on Docker, written by Daniel Nashed and Thomas Hampel and curated by me. You can find it here
Watch that space because other guides will be published there.

If anyone in the community wants to contribute, or already has produced something, get in touch with me or Graham Acres of OpenNTF and we will help you in the publication of the guide.