Migrating from SmartCloud Notes and Connections Cloud

As you all know, or should know, IBM will discontinue its cloud offering for Mail and Connections in July 2020. This has raised a lot of questions from customers and partners about what to do, where and how to migrate, etc..

Today HCL hosted a webinar where they explained their strategy to address this concerns.

There are 2 type of customers, those with a hybrid environment and those with a service only environment.
For the first, migration is easy. Just replicate locally the data from the cloud, then replicate it back to your selected cloud provider, or on premise if you decide to move there.
For the second HCL is still evaluating options on how to do that.

HCL has identified three ( for now, others will arrive) partners that have been appointed MSP ( managed service partner ). Those partners will offer a Connections in cloud solution similar to what we have now with IBM.
They are Belsoft in Switzerland, ISW in Australia and Prominic in USA
Those partners will be provided with a Multi-tenant Connections code, so they will be able to provide the service for multiple customers at the same time.
The options for migrations depend on your destination of choice:
If you move to a MSP hosted solution for Connections, then IBM and HCL have developed tools to extract the data from the IBM cloud and put it in the MSP environment.
If you move to a private cloud or on-premises solution, you have to do the data extraction and import using the public APIs. You can ask to some BP who is familiar with the APIs to help you. I also know some BP are preparing a tool to extract and import the data. We have to wait for some news in this area