The IBM Connections roadmap

At DNUG 45 Danielle Baptiste, Director of Offering Management, has given a presentation on the Connections Roadmap. Here are the most important news announced.

In a future Cumulative Refrash will be introduced new UI for Files, Communities and Notifications

Files UI now is this, defaults to My Drive

In the future the UI will be this, defaults to All Files

There will be the possibility of searching for keywords in file names

For Communities the actual UI is this

and the future one is this

Also here there will be the possibility of filtering by keyword

For notifications, the actual UI of the Newsletter is this

And it will change to this

Let’s talk about PINK now.

In a while will ship the new version of Component Pack, and the big news is that it will not contain anymore IBM Provate Cloud, also known as Conductor for Containers. This because IPC has grown bigger and bigger and getting rid of it will make the architecture simpler. The downside of this is that now we have to install Kubernetes manually before installing CP .

The next PINK service that will be released is the People service, which is a big enhancement to the actual Profiles. Here are some screenshots of what it will look like