I will be speaking at RNUG Online

Form Dec 4th to 11th there will be the annual event of the Russian user group, RNUG. This year, as expected, it will be online since no travel is possible.

You can find the full agenda here and the registration for the event here.

I will give a session on Tuesday December 8th at 11 CET, “Sametime Meeting 11.5 installation on Docker”.

Hope to see many of you there (virtually).

HCL Factory Tour – Email roundtable

As part of the HCL Digital week, that starts today, on Nov 11-12-13 there will be the Factory Tour, and during that HCL will host four round tables for all participants to attend.
Topics are “Domino Security”, “Nomad Web”, “Domino Email”, “Open Source: Why bother?”. All the round tables are scheduled for Nov 12 at 12.00 ET (18.00 CET).

If you are interested in shaping the future of Domino email, join the Email round table, the topic is: “Mail serves as the backbone for enterprise communication but what’s next? Come join us and bring your questions. Let’s take a glimpse of it and define the future for Domino Mail together.
I will be a panelist in my role of HCL Ambassador in that round table, and I can’t wait to hear what HCL has in plan for the future.

Remember, despite the numerous announcements of its death, email is still thriving and is going the be there for a while more, just like mainframes 🙂 So join me there and talk about what you want from email in the future.