HCL goes geographic

Almost all blog posts about the announcements made by HCL at the Engage conference have reported that the naming of the products will change. No more numbers but names, so the next releases of Domino will be named after rivers : Danube, then Thames then Rio Grande.

Geography is definitely the theme, so for those who did not attend the Sametime related sessions the news is that also Sametime next versions will have a geographical theme. Instead of rivers they will be named after mountain ranges, the first one will be Eifel ( a mountain range in Germany ), then Lorenzo ( Argentina ) then Petros ( Ukraine ).

Connections releases will have tree names, beginning with Cedar

I have the weird feeling that this decision of getting rid of numbers and switch to names is not completely unrelated to the fact that the next version of Domino and Sametime would have been 13 and we all know that in the USA that number is not exactly considered a lucky one πŸ™‚ . But maybe I am overthinking….. or not ? πŸ˜‰

Some lessons learned installing Huddo Boards

I had an engagement recently where I had to install Connections 7 plus Component Pack and Huddo Boards.

The story of the Connections and Component Pack installation has been interesting, the customer decided to change the domain name from something like company.local to a proper domain like company.org after the installation was done; too long for this post but if you meet me at some event and want to know the details, ask me.

I have never installed Huddo Boards before, so that was an interesting challenge, and I managed to perform the installation successfully thanks to my friends and fellow HCL Ambassadors Urs Meli (Belsoft) and Wannes Rams (ISW). Their help has been really invaluable.

There are a couple of steps that gave me some problems so I will explain what I did to solve them following Urs suggestions, maybe it can be useful if you want to install Huddo Boards.

The version of Huddo Boards that ships with Connections is not the latest one, so I followed the instructions to install the most recent one from the Huddo docker repository on Dockerhub. Here are the instructions

If you want to do that, there is a setting that is not outlined in the documentation; you have to put this the boards-cp.yml :
useDockerHub: true

Put it in the minio: section like this

Another issue was that the ImageTag setting was not working for me. It is used to get a specific version of Huddo Boards from their repo but when I set it I could not pull the images locally. The solution is not use that setting, because if it’s not specified, then the installation will pull the latest version of Huddo Boards. To do this comment the ImageTag setting in boards-cp.yml like this