My company is Domino 10 Ready !

I received this today from IBM

Congratulations! You’re a Domino 10 Ready Partner!

Dear Roberto

I am pleased to announce that you have met the criteria to be one of the first IBM Business Partner organisations to be awarded “Domino 10 Ready”.

You’ve achieved this either by having employees who have passed the Domino V10 Sales Advisor exam or by being nominated by IBM for your fantastic support for Domino V10.

Verse on Premises 1.0.4 IF1 has shipped

You can find it on Fix Central. It fixes the following bugs

Fix introduced in release SPR / JIRA Defect Number Description Additional Information
Verse On-Premises Interim Fix 1 VERSE-54933 Some contacts or groups may be missing in typeahead search result in delegation setting or delegation panel
VERSE-54888 Verse could not open mail databases with DBCS file name Domino hotfix 901FP10HF292 is also needed to fix this problem.
VERSE-54734 Notes.ini setting ‘VOP_UseNotesIDForDisplay’ does not work
VERSE-54500 Verse will not generate mail path for data requests if the entry url of Verse has a prefix