Farewell Twitter and btw, fu*k off

The evening before the HCL Factory tour started I went out for dinner with some friends coming from abroad for the event. We went in a pizzeria and there I showed my friend Andreas Weinbrecht a thing on the menu

It says : Pineapple, is absolutely forbidden to consider it an ingredient for pizza.

After a few days Andrea tweeted that after three days of eating Italian he wanted an Hawaiian pizza and i replied “if you do that I will kill you”

After two days I received a mail from Twitter saying that my account was suspended because in one of my post I incited to violence.

I understand that the minions that are doing the censors on Twitter ( btw same applies to Facebook ) have an IQ between a demented monkey and a fruit fly but, my God, try at least to understand humor. Do you think is really possible that I menace to kill a person in public ? Do you see I am Italian ( you do know ) and understand that Hawaiian pizza is considered a joke here ? Try to understand the context before banning someone because it used the word “kill”.

Social media is, to quote Lady Gaga, “the toilet of the internet”, people use them to to post racial slurs, offend other people, disturb elections, incite to violence for real ( ISIS and Islamic terrorist post regularly ), and all you minions can do is extrapolate a single word from a post and suspend me ?

I am sorry for those who followed me, maybe they found my ramblings funny or interesting, and too bad for me that I will not be able to follow anymore my friends and miss some interesting news, but if these are the rules of the game, I will not play.

Farewell Twitter, is been good while it lasted but now you can fuck off.

Truly yours