Sametime 12.0.2 client IDs

The new version of Sametime introduces new client IDs, as usual.

These are the new values:

0x1317 for the standalone client
0x14e0 for the web client
0x122c for the embedded client

Issue with Verse and Excel attachments preview

With Domino 12.0.2 and above, and Verse 3.1 and above there’s a new feature that allows the users to preview file attachments in emails using the Domino POI service.

A customer of mine found an edge case, when this feature doesn’t work. If the attachment is an Excel file with more than one tab, it will not be shown and Verse will throw an error.

He reported this to HCL and there’s a SPR open to fix it in a future release.

Using Domino Leap on V14

If you are using Domino Leap you should know that in V14 something has changed. I found that stopping and restarting dleap in V14 is different from the previous Domino versions

I have tested this with Domino Leap and

To launch Leap you go in the server console and issue the command
tell http osgi ss dleap
if everything is OK the result is this

Note the first new thing, in V14 all the commands related to osgi show at the end this line
osgi> gosh: stopping shell

to stop Leap you issue the command
tell http osgi stop dleap

The command does not return anything but leap is stopped
To check issue again the command tell http osgi ss dleap, the result is this

Now, here is the difference between V14 and the previous versions. Until V12 to restart leap you issue the command
tell http osgi start dleap.
This does not work in V14
if you try, you will get this

To start leap again you should note the number of the process, in my case 129, and issue the command
tell http osgi start 129

It does not return anything

but is you now issue again tell http osgi ss dleap you will see that it is active

I am not sure if this is working as designed or is a bug or if is due to the different Java version that is in V14. But now I know how to make it work

Upgrading to Domino 14 on Windows. A reminder

I just finished the upgrade of our production Domino server to V14, and since I remembered the issues that can happen when you use the Local System Account to run the Domino service (which is the way to do up to V12) I read again the excellent post from Daniel Nashed and avoided any problems.

I encourage ( encourage just because I can’t force 😉 ) every admin who wants to upgrade to Domino 14 to read Daniel’s post, before you call Support for a server crash.

Sametime upgrade – A thing to be aware of

Today I noticed that Sametime awareness was not working in Verse. Since it did until a few days ago I started to look what could be wrong. I tried to log in to Sametime and could not.

Alas, time to look at the logs on the server; doing so I noticed a strange error in the community container log. A timeout when connecting to my LDAP server. I checked my Domino server, which is my LDAP and everything was fine. So I started a remote session with my Linux box where I have installed Sametime and all of a sudden weird errors appeared when I tried to change directory from / to /sametime. A look at the filesystem left me horrified. I had the disk full!!!

How could it have happened ? I did nothing recently on that machine.

In quick chat with my friend and Lifetime HCL Ambassador Daniel Nashed he suggested me to install ncdu to see what was eating up my disk. I did so and found out that the /var/lib/docker directory was more than 70 GB! I checked what I had in Docker and found out that all the images from the ST12.0.1 installation were there. That makes sense, since I upgraded my server from 12.0.1 to 12.0.2 and the upgrade does not automatically delete the old images.
I did not bother at the time to delete the images of 12.0.1 but now I did so and the disk is now 40 GB lighter

So my advice is, if you plan to upgrade an existing Sametime server from 12.x to 12.0.2 remember to delete the old images once everything is running fine.