Issue with Verse and Excel attachments preview

With Domino 12.0.2 and above, and Verse 3.1 and above there’s a new feature that allows the users to preview file attachments in emails using the Domino POI service.

A customer of mine found an edge case, when this feature doesn’t work. If the attachment is an Excel file with more than one tab, it will not be shown and Verse will throw an error.

He reported this to HCL and there’s a SPR open to fix it in a future release.

Using Domino Leap on V14
Sametime 12.0.2 client IDs


  1. Christian Henseler
    17th January 2024 - 18:06

    Excel files with more than one tab is not an edge case in my point of view. We use a lot of such files in our company

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