IBM Champion for 2018

I have been confirmed as IBM Champion for 2018. Is a great honor for me to be in this group.

I would like to thank all the people who nominated me and Alan Hamilton, our ICS Champion wrangler, and Libby Ingrassia, the general IBM Champion manager, for the work they do for us.

How to tell IBM Docs version and iFixes installed

If you want to know which version of IBM Docs and which version of iFix is installed here is a way to do it.

Open SystemOut.log in the IBMDocsMember1 server and look for this line:
IBMDocs biuld info:{“ifix_version”:25,”build_version”:”″,”build_description”:”IBM Connections Docs 2.0.0″,”product_name”:”IBM Connections Docs”,”build_timestamp”:”20171030-1520″}.
Take note of the ifix version number, in this case 25.

Here is a table that list all the CR and iFix versions

Docs 2.0 iFix 0033
Docs 2.0 iFix 0044
Docs 2.0 iFix 0055
Docs 2.0 CR16
Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 0017
Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 0028
Docs 2.0 CR1 iFix 0039
Docs 2.0 CR215
Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix 00116
Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix 00217
Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix 00318
Docs 2.0 CR2 iFix 00419
Docs 2.0 CR325
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix 00126
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix 00227
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00328

I will be speaking at Think 2018

Is a great honor for me that the session I proposed for Think 2018 has been accepted.
I will be speaking with the lovely and extremely competent Sharon Bellamy James, our session title is “A Hitchhiker’s guide to troubleshooting IBM Connections”
Sessions schedule is still being worked on, as soon as I know when our session is I will tell you.