Verse 3.2.1, DOMI and Sametime

Verse 3.2.1 has shipped and one of the new things in this release is DOMI. If you lived under a rock in the last years and do not know what DOMI is, it’s a feature that allows you to dynamically create a link to meetings on the following services – GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, and Sametime when creating an invitation. Until now it was available only in Notes, but now is available on Verse too.

There is an issue, though, when using Sametime 12.0.2: when you create a meeting, the online meeting is not created and you see an error message.
I opened a case with HCL Support and they acknowledged that this is a bug and found a solution in a very short time.

1)You have to open a case and they will send you a link where you can download a file “custom-meet.conf”.
2)Place the ‘custom-meet.conf’ into the sametime-config/web/nginx folder
3)Edit the custom.env and update the entries like below.
CONTENT_SECURITY_POLICY=frame-ancestors https://*
4)Restart Sametime

This additional step is not required from the next release(12.0.2 FP1) onwards.