Do you have any suggestions for OpenNTF ?

AS probably you know OpenNTF has a Discord server, that everyone can join, where there are several “channels” (I know that the term is not correct) in which people can talk about specific topics.

We have just added one, “#suggestion-box” where everyone is encouraged to go if they have any idea on what OpenNTF should do; as my colleague Jesse Gallagher writes “we’d like to use it to take suggestions for improvements to our organization: our procedures, activities, infrastructure, and so forth”

So if you have any idea or suggestion for us, please join our server and go in the #suggestion-box to tell us.

My sessions at CollabSphere 2022

I had two sessions at CollabSphere 2022
The first one “Useful Hacks for Domino Admins” together with my friend and partner-in-crime Marianna Tomasatti. The slides are here

You can find the video of our session on the CollabSphere website here

The second “Installing Sametime 12 and integrating with Verse and iNotes” was mostly a live demo. you can find the video on the CollabSphere website here

I will be speaking (twice) at CollabSphere 2022

Two sessions I proposed for CollabSphere 2022 have been accepted. This is a great honor for me.

I will speak with my friend Marianna Tomasatti, October 19 at 4 pm (GMT +2). Our session is INF 107 “Useful Hacks for Domino Admins”.

Then I will speak October 20 at 9 pm (GMT +2). My session is INF 103 “Installing Sametime 12 Fp1 and integrating with Verse and iNotes”

I will also participate in the session COL107 “OpenNTF Roundtable: Have Your Say” October 20 at 6 pm (GMT +2)