HCL goes geographic

Almost all blog posts about the announcements made by HCL at the Engage conference have reported that the naming of the products will change. No more numbers but names, so the next releases of Domino will be named after rivers : Danube, then Thames then Rio Grande.

Geography is definitely the theme, so for those who did not attend the Sametime related sessions the news is that also Sametime next versions will have a geographical theme. Instead of rivers they will be named after mountain ranges, the first one will be Eifel ( a mountain range in Germany ), then Lorenzo ( Argentina ) then Petros ( Ukraine ).

Connections releases will have tree names, beginning with Cedar

I have the weird feeling that this decision of getting rid of numbers and switch to names is not completely unrelated to the fact that the next version of Domino and Sametime would have been 13 and we all know that in the USA that number is not exactly considered a lucky one 🙂 . But maybe I am overthinking….. or not ? 😉

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