Domino Feature pack 8 breaks Verse on Premises

I installed Domino Feature Pack 8 and the new templates and Verse on Premises stopped working.  The installation of the FP replaces a lot of files in Domino and it had reset the \data\osgi\shared\eclipse\plugins directory removing the files I had copied there for the VoP installation. I copied again the files there. Also there is a new template mail9.ntf and this does not have the views needed for VoP, so I had to copy again the 5 views from the VoPdesign.nsf database in the mail9.ntf template, then run the design task to update all the mail files.

IBM Verse on Premises Interim Fix 1 shipped
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  1. Hi Roberto, did VoP work again after your actions ?

  2. Hi Roberto

    The 2 issues your outlined:

    1) Mail Template views – The required views for VOP will be incorporated into a future mail9.ntf feature pack release (hopefully FP9). They were not incorporated into FP8 as the VOP view requirements are not finalized yet. Your workaround of copying the views in is the correct action.

    2) OSGi content – FP does a backup and replace of the OSGi\Shared directory so your observation that those files get removed during the FP8 installation is accurate. Unzipping the VOP content again will put the required files back. We are reviewing the best way to handle this going forward.

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