Update to “How to tell IBM Docs version and iFixes installed”

Three years ago I published a post on how to tell the HCL Docs version and iFix installed. Some time ago I have been asked if I had a plan to update it for the most recent versions; the original post stopped at Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix003.

Here is the updated table

Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00429
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00530
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00631
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00732
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00833
Docs 2.0 CR3 iFix00934

HCL Docs 2.0.1 has no iFixes available as of now. Below are the details for that version

“build_description” : “HCL Connections Docs 2.0.1”,
“product_name” : “HCL Connections Docs”,
“build_version” : “2.0.1”,
“build_timestamp” : “20200630-0812”

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