Domino: how not to send delivery failures to the internet

A customer of mine made me a request: he doesn’t want a delivery failure with the indication that the user does not exist in the Directory to be sent back when someone outside his domain sends a mail to a non-existing address.

By default this non delivery report is sent, but you can easily change the behavior of Domino.
Go in the configuration document of the server, then  Router/SMTP -> Advanced -> Controls. Hold undeliverable mail: set to enabled.

This is the explanation of that setting
Enabled – When the Router cannot deliver a message, it leaves the message in MAIL.BOX rather than generate a delivery failure report
Disabled – (default) When the Router cannot deliver a message, it generates a delivery failure report

Remembering Nathan

Please join OpenNTF at an open online gathering to remember our co-founder and friend, Nathan T. Freeman.

We will host an open GoToMeeting for everyone in the Community to join and share their memories of Nathan, this coming Friday, from 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT. You may use this link to join the meeting:

Sametime Proxy 11.5IF1 issues with iNotes integration

I updated the Sametime Proxy server 11.5 to IF1 for a customer, and the integration with iNotes broke.
When a user tried to start a chat with another user he received an error

I searched about this and I found some references to the Tomcat settings
org.apache.tomcat.util.buf.UDecoder.ALLOW_ENCODED_SLASH and org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.ALLOW_BACKSLASH
looks like by default are set to false and this is the cause of the error. The URL you see in the image should be converted to without the trailing part with the user name, but it doesn’t.

To resolve the issue edit the file in the sametimeproxy/conf directory and at the bottom add those two lines


Restart the Proxy server and the chat works from iNotes.

Update to Sametime embedded client in Notes 12

I received the following from Sametime Dev:

When Notes 12 ships officially, it will no longer be 122C – we’ll update our clientID listing when that ships to the official one. It will be 122C until then.

So if you allow this client in sametime.ini now, you will need to change the value when Notes 12 goes GA.

Sametime embedded client in Notes 12 beta

The Sametime embedded client in Notes 12 beta has a new client ID. Is 122C, so you have to add it in sametime.ini, on your Community server, in the allowed clients types if you want to use it

Please, see this post for an update

Sametime Chat Verse | iNotes integration stops working after upgrade to 11.5

I updated a customer Sametime server from 11.0 to 11.5 and the integration of iNotes and Verse on Premises with Sametime stopped working.
I asked if anyone has seen this happen and my fellow HCL Ambassador Mathieu Fabien pointed me to a HCL technote, here, that explain what the problem is due to and gives the solution.

Update Traveler before March 31 2021 if you use Apple devices

Apple will not support the legacy protocols used by APNS starting March31, but will only use HTTP/2 API.
This means that if you use an old version of Traveler push notifications will stop working after that date.
The solution is to upgrade to Traveler 11.0.1 or later

You can see all the details in this Technote

HCL Ambassador 2021

The HCL Ambassadors Class of 2021 has been announced here .

I am honored and proud of being in it.