The new HCL Software Download Portal

Personally I do not know a single person in the Domino community that is happy with the actual Flexnet download site to get the kits of the various HCL products. There are many issues, and I won’t go into details here, but is enough to say that many people have complained. The good news is that HCL is listening and acting.

HCL made a quiet introduction of the new Software Download Portal allowing initially access only to the participants of the Domino V14 beta program. The feedback was good, so they now added all the Domino and related product versions, and the access is open to anyone that has the credentials for the Flexnet old site.
The splash screen still shows the warning that the site is open only for the V14 beta, but is not true anymore

Once logged in you will see this screen

And if you select “HCL Domino” you will see that all the various products are there for you to download, obviously according to the entitlement you have.

For example if you select Domino, you have the options to download V11.0.1 or V12 and the relative Fixpacks and Interim Fixes

Download is very fast and on the various product pages there are links to the documentation and system requirements.

This is definitely a big improvement that will make our life much easier when we need to find and get a install kit.

Kudos to HCL for listening to the community and resolving a problem that made us unhappy.

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  1. Christian Henseler
    8th September 2023 - 14:07

    Great news, but there are some parts missing in the new portal.
    For instance, HTMO 3.0.7 is available in the old FlexNet Portal, but not in the new one (right now).
    And there seems to be a mixture in regards to eligable Programs.
    While I can see Connections downloads in Flexnet, I have only Domino & Sametime in the new Portal.
    But, indeed, an improvement nevertheless.

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