Solved – Problems displaying images in Sametime when allowing users to upload their picture in Verse

After digging a bit into the issue I reported in my previous post, I found out that this is not a bug of Sametime.
The problem lies in my customer network topology. As in many other customers I work with, they have some servers on the intranet, and some others on the internet, in this specific case the Domino server that is the LDAP server is on an internal domain ( .lan ) while the Sametime server is on a public domain ( .it ).

This is not a problem for Sametime, all you need to do is use some “extra_host” settings in docker-compose.yml and it works

The problem is that the URL generated by Verse when people upload their pictures is https:// pointing to the Domino server and the Sametime proxy does not like self signed certificates. In fact if I manually change it to use http:// rather than https:// in the person document, then the user picture is displayed correctly

I do not believe I can have the Verse development team change the way they generate the URL and use http:// so with this kind of network topology I have to find a workaround, else the problem will remain.

Thanks to my friend Erik Schwalb from HCL, who got in touch with me and told me that in his setup, where all the servers are in public domains using proper certificates this works fine.

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