Problems displaying images in Sametime when allowing users to upload their picture in Verse

I have installed Sametime 12.0.1 integrated with Verse. The users now upload their pictures from the Verse UI but this breaks the display of images in Sametime.

The reason is simple: In the Sametime 12 documentation is clearly written that when using images from a web server the file type MUST be jpg or gif

Business card photos must meet the following requirements:
Photos must be less than 45K in size. Photos 10K or less are recommended.
Photo file types .jpg and .gif are supported.
Photos to be used in business card for mobile or web clients they must be in the format of a URL, such as hosted from a web server or HCL Connections Profiles server.

So the users for which I manually define the Photo URL field everything works fine

But for users who upload the picture from Verse the Photo URL is something like this

This type of URL cannot be read correctly by Sametime as an image and the result is that user’s picture are not displayed in Sametime, both in the clients and in the meetings

The only workaround I can think of is to disable the possibility for the users to change the image from Verse and use a proper URL that points to a web server ( I use the same Domino server that does LDAP ). This will cause probably some dissatisfaction for the users and some work for the Admins who have to collect the pictures and put them in a single place, but is the only way to avoid this problem as far as I know.

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