6 years of blogging

I started this blog on Oct 23 2015, 6 years ago.
I started it because, as I said in my first post sometimes during my work I discover something, or I stumble in a bit of information that I believe can be interesting for other people that work in the same field and want to share it.

I have statistics for my blog starting from 2017 and I decided to have a look at where my readers come from.
This is the list of the countries

I am a bit surprised that Germany is #1. I blog in English, so seeing USA and UK in the top is not surprising, as is not a surprise to see Italy there, after all that’s my country. But honestly I would have never thought to have Germany as the country with most visitors.
India makes sense at 5th place, HCL is an Indian company and I know some of the people working there read my blog.

What amazes me is that I have readers from countries I would have never expected. I am not an expert, so as far as I know there’s a chance that some hits comes from bots, or appear to come from a country while the reader is actually not there, though I doubt someone uses Tor to read my blog 🙂

In any case I was surprised to see the number countries listed. If the hits really come from there I wonder how a person from one of those countries got to know my blog.

My session at CollabSphere 2021 on installing Sametime 11.6
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  1. Martín Ortega
    24th October 2021 - 09:41

    Vedo la Spagna troppo bassa, cercherò di migliorare la posizione
    Cordiali saluti dalla Spagna

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