Domino: how not to send delivery failures to the internet

A customer of mine made me a request: he doesn’t want a delivery failure with the indication that the user does not exist in the Directory to be sent back when someone outside his domain sends a mail to a non-existing address.

By default this non delivery report is sent, but you can easily change the behavior of Domino.
Go in the configuration document of the server, then  Router/SMTP -> Advanced -> Controls. Hold undeliverable mail: set to enabled.

This is the explanation of that setting
Enabled – When the Router cannot deliver a message, it leaves the message in MAIL.BOX rather than generate a delivery failure report
Disabled – (default) When the Router cannot deliver a message, it generates a delivery failure report

Remembering Nathan
Follow up to the OpenNTF webinar on Domino administration best practices


  1. Tinus Riyanto
    1st May 2021 - 01:51

    Roberto, that setting means that all undelivered email will be held including those that came from Domino users, right ? That woud be a problem if delivery failure for email from internal user is also disabled.

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