Domino v12 One Touch Setup – part 2

In my previous post I explained how to add an additional server on Docker using environment variables.
In this post I will use the other method, using a JSON file, to create a new first server.

A word of caution – this is all based on the current beta drop and I found that the instructions provided are not exactly perfect. I have reported my findings to HCL and they will make both the instructions and the setup better.
So use what I say just if you want to test V12 One Touch Setup now, for the future things will change for the better and I will post about the new stuff.

First step is to create a volume to store the Domino data directory

docker volume create notesdata

Now run the following Docker command. This command creates a Docker container without yet configuring Domino by making the container entry point a bash shell.

docker run -it -v notesdata:/local/notesdata --name adminserver --entrypoint /bin/bash -p 8585:8585 -p 1352:1352 -p 443:443 domino-docker:V1200_12022020prod

You will be in the shell in the /local/notesdata directory

Open another terminal.
Create a JSON file with all the settings needed for a first server setup, here is the one I used as an example called setup.json

	"serverSetup": {
		"server": {
			"type": "first",
			"name": "demo",
			"domainName": "ELD",
			"title": "Eld Demo Server",
			"password": null,
			"minPasswordLength": 0
		"network": {
			"hostName": "",
			"enablePortEncryption": true,
			"enablePortCompression": true
		"org": {
			"countryCode": null,
			"orgName": "ELD",
			"certifierPassword": "password",
			"orgUnitName": null,
			"orgUnitPassword": null
		"admin": {
			"firstName": "Roberto",
			"middleName": null,
			"lastName": "Boccadoro",
			"password": "password",
			"IDFilePath":  "/local/notesdata/"
		"notesINI": {
			"ServerTasks": null,
			"LOG_SESSIONS": "1"
		"security": {
			"ACL": {
				"prohibitAnonymousAccess": true,
				"addLocalDomainAdmins": true
		"autoRegister": {
			"count": 7,
			"IDPath": "/local/notesdata/ids",
			"pattern": "server#"

	"IDVault": {
		"name": "O=ELDVault",
		"description": "ELD Vault",
		"IDFile": "",
		"IDPassword": "VaultPassword",
		"path": "IBM_ID_VAULT/ELDVault.nsf",
		"passwordReset": {
			"helpText": "Call so and so for help resetting password"
		"securitySettingsPolicy": {
			"name": "ELD Vault Security Settings Policy",
			"description": "ELD Vault Security Settings"
		"masterPolicy": {
			"description": "ELD Vault Master Policy Description"

This is more then the minimum needed, for example I set up ID vault, which is not mandatory. The minimum needed parameters are listed in a example file you can find here

Copy the JSON file from the machine you created it into the container running this command

docker cp setup.json 737ead470a66:/local/notesdata

Where 737ead470a66 is the container ID, which you can get running the command

docker container ls -a

From inside the shell runs those two commands

export SetupAutoConfigure=1
export SetupAutoConfigureParams=setup.json

Now run the command

/local/ --autoconfigure

After a while you should see your server running and have the console inside the terminal.

Domino v12 One Touch Setup
One Touch Setup – Documentation has been corrected

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