View attachment option is back in Notes 10.0.1

The option to view an attachment is back again in Notes 10.0.1 . It was removed in Notes 10.0

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  1. Well, only for some types. Not anymore for .zip etc.

  2. I see it for JPG attachments, but not PDF or WAV – no big deal for PDF because ‘open’ and ‘view’ are equivalent, but it was handy for WAV files.

    • WAV? What kind of file is that? I recall wav is the extension of audio files.

      • Correct – WAV is an audio file. I get voicemails delivered to my inbox as WAV attachments. In the Notes client up until version 10, clicking ‘view’ launched a quick audio player in a Notes tab and played the file. Much quicker than the default of Microsoft’s audio player. Alas, no more.

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