IBM, please fix the Feature Packs installations !

Every time there is a HotFix applied on top of a FixPack or Feature Pack, the installation of the new version of the FP fails. It says it found the wrong version. You have to uninstall the HotFix reverting back to the Base FP, then you can upgrade to the newest FP.
Recently I had installed on my server, and my customer’s server the HF238 for FP8 and I could not upgrade that to FP9; had to revert back to base FP8 before upgrading.

This is a nuisance, to say the least. Can someone from IBM Dev have a look into this and allow the installation of a FP on top of whatever version of the previous FP is there ?

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  1. Roberto, this is only valid for IBM Domino, NOT for IBM Notes.

    They never changed the way to upgrade Domino Servers. They are still using incremental installers, which could be one of the reasons for that.

  2. We are having a problem with a customer getting “error loading use or uselsx module” when opening our system. I can’t think of anything else than it is a fixpack issue. We use fp 9 and the customer fp 4.

    • What are you trying to do when you see that error ?

      • We compile a Notes database and send it to the customer. When he opens the database he gets that error. We have tried recompiling to no avail. Never happened to us, the only thing I can think of is upgrading to fp 9.

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