IBM Connections CCM upgrade to CR2 and special characters in passwords

I was updating a Connections install to CR2 with CCM; when it came to update the FNCE server I ran the command
C:\IBM\Connections\FileNet.update\scripts>update-ce.bat\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01 -was.admin.user=localadmin -was.admin.password=password -conn.home.location=c:\IBM\Connections -ce.fp.installer.location=C:\Downloads\ic55cr2\filenet\
The update-ce command runs wsadmin to connect to the DM as a first thing.

I got an error, the Deployment Manager is inaccessible.

If I tried to run wsadmin manually I could connect to the Deployment Manager, so I was puzzled.
I decided to ask the community for help and I picked the excellent Ben William‘s brain.After chatting for a while it came out that the user I was using to run wsadmin had a password with a special character in it, a ! Ben suspected it could be the cause so I created another user in WAS, with a password without special characters, gave it admin roles and run again the update-ce command.
Everything worked this time 🙂

So my advice is: choose your admin passwords carefully, otherwise sometimes you can run into problems. I usually mix letters and numbers, caps and no caps, but I try to avoid special characters.

A kind request to conference organizers
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