IBM Connections Docs 2.0 CR1 fix does not install

I tried to install Docs 2.0 CR1 but when I ran the command to perform the upgrade the task failed, specifically when updating the Conversion server, with the error “Target with name was not found.”

I quickly found out that two other esteemed friends, Christoph Stoettner and Milan Matejic, had encountered the same issue and were able to solve it.

The problem is in the file that is in the patch installation directory. At the bottom of the file there the line “self.me_hostname = socket.gethostname()”. The solution  is to change that to “self.me_hostname = socket.getfqdn()”.

Once I did that, CR1 installed flawlessly. Thanks a lot to Christian and Milan!

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  1. Hi Roberto,
    Thanks for finding this out. The problem is with the installation script in the original CR1 package in certain environments (related to how host names are configured for the conversion nodes) and we’ve fixed the code to handle it. The CR1 packaged downloaded from IBM FixCentral now should work fine.

  2. Robert Farstad (@robertfarstad)
    9th August 2016 - 08:48

    It´s not fixed. I noticed this blog entry a bit too late, so I solved it this way:

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