IBM Connections 5.5 small deployment guide by Chad Scott

The excellent Chad Scott from IBM has published a guide on how to set up a small deployment of Connections 5.5 with 5 servers. It’s very useful for production environments, when you want to set up something more complex than a single machine install.
The file is here  in the Socially Integrated community on DeveloperWorks; together with the doc there are some videos that show some of the various steps of the installation, you can find the videos here.

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IBM Connections 5.5 medium deployment install guide for Linux by Charlie Price


  1. Hi

    I installed Connection 5.5 as small deployment in Windows 2008 R2.I found customizationdir/shared/customization folder contains only two subfolders (objecttypes and OpenSocial).

    Do i need to do any other setting/configuration for getting all folder in shared/customization ?

    Any suggest.please to solve this issue.

  2. Roberto Boccadoro
    18th March 2016 - 15:34

    Did you do an upgrade from a previous installation ?

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