Sametime 11 – What to do if file transfer is not working – Update

I stumbled into a problem at one of my customers. In the client, the icon for file transfer was greyed out and the one for sending a screenshot was missing,

I opened a case with HCL and the suggestion was to enable the setting im.3000 in the file policies.user.xml.
to do so you have to edit the line
<p:policy-attribute id=“im.3000” type=“boolean” current-value=“1” default-value=“1" master-attribute-link=“null” possibl .....
By default the current-value is 0, you have to set it to 1
I did that but the file transfer was not available the same.

After checking the file I found that there were 2 occurrences of im.3000, one for the im.default.policy and the other for the im.anonymous.policy, the problem is that this setting is written only in the section “”. I copied the lines from that section and added them in the “imserver.policygroup.filetransfer” section.
<p:policy-attribute id="im.3000" type="boolean" current-value="1" default-value="1" master-attribute-link="null" possible-value-labels="null" possible-values="null" label="im.3000.label" description="im.3000.desc" visible="true"/>

Restarted the server and now in the client I had this


I checked with HCL, file transfer and screen capture are not allowed with Sametime limited use license. You should use the content of this blog post only to fix issues if you have a standard license and file transfer is not working. If you enable file transfer, you should upgrade your license to be compliant.

See here for information about what is allowed and what isn’t with the limited use license.

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  1. Detlev Poettgen
    28th January 2020 - 21:53

    You should only enable it, when you have the matching Sametime license.
    As far as I know, it not be part of the limited Notes entitlement.

  2. Detlev Poettgen
    29th January 2020 - 18:13

    I checked it with HCL and that was the answer from Thomas Hampel:

    File and Image Transfer is not included in the Sametime 11 Notes Entitlement.
    The Sametime 10 restrictions are a still valid for 11:
    You add this to your Blogpost.

  3. Jacques Pineau
    21st April 2020 - 08:24

    Hi Roberto,

    This was working well with the version 11
    Since upgrade to 11 FP1, the screen capture tool is greyed out in the web client old style and working within the notes client.
    Perhaps something has changed?

  4. Detlev Poettgen
    21st April 2020 - 12:17

    Hi Jacques,
    the Sametime 11 FP1 installer replaced your customised policies.users.xml with the HCL default xml file.
    You will have to make the customisation to the policy xml file again after the update to FP1.
    It’s a bad behaviour of the FP1 installer. It uninstalls ST11 and removes some xml files and installs ST11FP1 with new xml files.

  5. You can test the screen clipping tool to yourself but the file share only works to others users you cannot test to yourself as the icon stays greyed out!

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