I am a bit worried about Pink system requirements

I finally succeeded in installing Orient Me on a single server. The point is that it needed 8 CPUs and 16 Gb RAM (thanks to Nico Meisenzahl for telling me that would not work with “only” 4 CPUs)

Now I am a bit worried. If these are the requirements only for Orient Me, I wonder where we will end up for the whole Pink when it will replace the actual Connections. A single server installation will be out of question. My problem is that all my customers are in the SMB space so they do not have tons of hardware to dedicate to Connections Pink.
I do really hope that dev and the performance labs can come up with some suggestions on how to make it work on a smaller hardware; they said they are aware of this problem and are working on it. Let’s hope they do the right thing.

Something to look for when reinstalling Orient Me
Update on I am a bit worried about Pink system requirements


  1. Markus Schulmeister
    3rd July 2017 - 20:27

    It wii be a journey, they said… πŸ˜‰

  2. What is your definition of sub?

  3. Sorry, SMB damn typeahead

    • In my case a few hundreds, I know this is different from IBM definition which is anything less than 5000 users. Here 5000 users is a corporate customer ?

  4. Ulrich Krause
    4th July 2017 - 07:15

    Indeed, the system requirements are “insane”. But, as far as I understood. The installation of Orient Me also installs all of the foundation that is needed for furher PINK components. i.e. Docker, Kubernetes , CfC …
    And from my experience, CfC consumes a lot of the required ressources.

    • Ulrich, I know that installs the foundation needed, but nevertheless it seems a lot to me just for the basis and a feature.

  5. Call it the Workplace syndrom ;-p

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