Connections related blogs list

My friend and fellow IBM Champion Christoph Stoettner has compiled a useful list of blogs that deal with IBM Connections and more in general with ICS solutions.

If you work with ICS products, you will find lots of useful info in those blogs, I strongly suggest you to check them out.

Sharon Bellamy
Christoph Stoettner
Connections scripting
Nico Meisenzahl
Martin Leyrer
Klaus Bild
Susan Bulloch
Kim Greene
Victor Toal
Roberto Boccadoro
Gab Davis
The Turtle Partnership ( Gab davis again )
Dave Hay
Michael Urspringer
Robert Farstad
Mitch Cohen
Wannes Rams
GIS blog
Milan Matejic
Martti Garden
Rob Sullivan
Ben Williams
Rainer Brandl
Hogne Pettersen

Another badge :-)
Integrating IBM Connections Docs 2.0 with


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