Farewell Twitter and btw, fu*k off

The evening before the HCL Factory tour started I went out for dinner with some friends coming from abroad for the event. We went in a pizzeria and there I showed my friend Andreas Weinbrecht a thing on the menu

It says : Pineapple, is absolutely forbidden to consider it an ingredient for pizza.

After a few days Andrea tweeted that after three days of eating Italian he wanted an Hawaiian pizza and i replied “if you do that I will kill you”

After two days I received a mail from Twitter saying that my account was suspended because in one of my post I incited to violence.

I understand that the minions that are doing the censors on Twitter ( btw same applies to Facebook ) have an IQ between a demented monkey and a fruit fly but, my God, try at least to understand humor. Do you think is really possible that I menace to kill a person in public ? Do you see I am Italian ( you do know ) and understand that Hawaiian pizza is considered a joke here ? Try to understand the context before banning someone because it used the word “kill”.

Social media is, to quote Lady Gaga, “the toilet of the internet”, people use them to to post racial slurs, offend other people, disturb elections, incite to violence for real ( ISIS and Islamic terrorist post regularly ), and all you minions can do is extrapolate a single word from a post and suspend me ?

I am sorry for those who followed me, maybe they found my ramblings funny or interesting, and too bad for me that I will not be able to follow anymore my friends and miss some interesting news, but if these are the rules of the game, I will not play.

Farewell Twitter, is been good while it lasted but now you can fuck off.

Truly yours

IBM Champion for 2019 in ICS

Just before Christmas I received a great gift, a mail from IBM telling me I have been confirmed as a Champion for 2019

Being an IBM Champion is a great honor and privilege. It is a recognition of the work I have done and it means to be part of a fantastic group of people, very knowledgeable, top experts in their field, and always willing to help. I have learned a lot from other IBM Champions in those last years, and to have the chance to do so again is really great.

For those who do not know what an IBM Champion is, you can read it here

I would like to thank all the people who nominated me, and our IBM Champion wranglers, Libby Ingrassia and Alan Hamilton

My thoughts on the HCL – IBM deal

The news came out a few days, it is no longer a novelty of the last moment but what I would like to report here is not the news but some considerations that have arisen in the last days.
So, summing up, IBM sold Notes, Domino and Connections to HCL for $ 1.8 billion.

Together with these three softwares, the agreement between IBM and HCL also provides for the transfer of other packages, so the complete list is this:

Appscan for the development of secure applications
BigFix for the safe management of devices
Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation
Commerce (on-premise) for omni-channel eCommerce
Portal (on-premise) for the digital experience
Notes & Domino

Everything will become effective starting (probably) from mid-2019.

This is the news bare and raw. Things of this type happen regularly, IBM has shown this with the acquisition of RedHat just recently (and for much larger figures).

IBM itself had not invented Notes but acquired it in 1995 incorporating Lotus Development for the sum of 3.5 billion dollars.

And already here one thing springs to mind: acquiring Lotus in reality IBM had not brought only the groupware with Notes and Domino, but also the spreadsheet 1-2-3 inside what was called Smartsuite: products that have disappeared but that they had their own installed base and a certain number of users.

1-2-3 was for a long time the most used spreadsheet before being discarded by IBM.

Of course, the acquisition of Lotus was only completed to have Notes and Domino, software on which IBM was aiming a lot and that were in sharp ascent.

But then we all know how things went, especially in recent years when IBM seemed to forget about having this software in its portfolio, not only on the side of new developments but also (or above all?) as far as marketing and commercial proposal were concerned.

However, we are still struck by the fact that what was bought for 3.5 billion in 1995 is now resold within a broader agreement for 1.8 billion.

The announcement of the sale itself does not surprise me: for months IBM and HCL had established a partnership for the development of Notes & Domino. The development of Watson and the purchase of RedHat had amply demonstrated towards which front was moving IBM. Perhaps what amazes us is the speed with which they moved from the partnership to the sale of the product.

Here we come to HCL: certainly their entry into the field has brought in recent months a series of innovations and an air of renewal. A new version of Domino has been released, they are working on the new version of the Notes client, and there is a Notes client for the iPad.

In short, there is an air of renewal and a new enthusiasm that have been missing for some time. Now it will be important that this enthusiasm is maintained and that, with the acquisition of other products, we move towards a global vision and strategy.

I would not be surprised, for example, if over time Domino and Connections converge more and more, perhaps becoming a single product or in any case have many more points of contact.

So I think this acquisition can only bring benefits for those who work with Domino: new enthusiasm, new releases, new features. In short, new life.

Of course, many questions remain open today. There are a number of aspects on which nothing is yet known. For example, how will the situation evolve for those (like us) who are now IBM Partners for collaboration packages (ICS – IBM Collaboration Solutions) or what will be the new licensing policy chosen by HCL.

Or, going into details, what will happen for example to all the IBM discussion forums on products like this: they contain a veritable flood of information and knowledge that I hope HCL will take home and continue to make available to everyone.

I even wondered if HCL along with the software packages has also acquired the Lotus brand and can thus return to commercialize this brand: it may not be such a peregrine idea. Many people still refer to the two products as “Lotus Notes” and “Lotus Domino”; the real name “IBM Notes” is much less used. In addition, the return of yellow (replacing the IBM blue) in the brand and communications in recent months could lead one to think this.

It is certainly too soon to understand what and above all how it will happen, for the moment we can only remain at the window to observe.

When you make a mistake you have to apologize. VoP 1.0.5 and Traveler

Apologies to whoever read my previous blog post about issues with VoP 1.0.5 and Traveler. It is not a bug, it was a mistake on my part.
When I went into the <dominodata>/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins directory I inadvertently deleted all the jar files: “del *.jar” instead of using the correct wildcard syntax specified in the instructions “*-1.0.*-0.0-*.jar”, core-1.0.*.*.jar and servlet-1.0.*.*.jar .
Doing so I deleted the file com.lotus.sync.traveler.admin.jar and that is why Traveler stopped working. That file is placed there by the Traveler installation process, and that’s why after I reinstalled Traveler on top of VoP 1.0.5 it worked again.

I am very sorry of having created a false alert, but unfortunately mistakes happen…. apologies again to my readers and most of all to the Verse development team.

Problems with Verse on Premises 1.0.5 and Traveler

On my server I upgraded VoP to 1.0.5 and Traveler stopped working.
Looking at the console there were no errors but the devices could not connect to the server anymore; opening https://server/traveler gave a 404 error.

In order to test I reverted back to VoP 1.0.4 and Traveler started working again, then I upgraded to VoP 1.0.5 again and Traveler stopped working again.

The solution I found is to install first VoP 1.0.5 and then reinstall Traveler, when I did that everything worked again, now I have VoP 1.0.5 and Traveler both up and running.

My company is Domino 10 Ready !

I received this today from IBM

Congratulations! You’re a Domino 10 Ready Partner!

Dear Roberto

I am pleased to announce that you have met the criteria to be one of the first IBM Business Partner organisations to be awarded “Domino 10 Ready”.

You’ve achieved this either by having employees who have passed the Domino V10 Sales Advisor exam or by being nominated by IBM for your fantastic support for Domino V10.